The shit people post

God people post some absolute shit on Facebook.

Passing on inspirational quotes (not your own), duck-face selfies(why?!), vague self-pitying statements which you dont want to talk about(but post on the worlds largest social network?) and random minutae of your completely average life which has no bearing on anyone but you and your dog.

All this for the sole motive of basking in the positive response from pandering Facebook junkies. I’m not saying these things arent of interest to some people… but the vast majority of people in your social network are probably not included in that.

So instead, you could go and hang out with your friends, walk your dog, watch a film, go to a gig or even talk to someone in real life.

If you do indeed insist on it, could you please fill my timline instead with a) awesome music b) shit that makes me laugh c) things that are actually interesting.

As an aside, it would also help if they could at least spell correctly and use at least 1/10th of the grammar you learnt at school & chose to ignore.

I am aware of the irony of this being shared on Facebook…sigh.